/ Monthly Updates

What's New in May!

It's been another exciting month here at TIMU; the developers have been hard at work tuning the UI, fixing bugs, and adding new features for you! This month you can look forward to improvements throughout the TIMU Messenger App, and on the web we've launched several new features including the new 'TIMU Write' tool. Read on to see what's new in TIMU this month!

Mobile Updates

The TIMU Messenger mobile app continues to improve with each update.
You can look forward to the following with the latest release:

  • Expanded messaging: reply to individual posts in a conversation, as well as forward them to your teammates. Posting URLs in a conversation now generates link previews.
  • Improved Search: filter your results by type, date, and archived status.
  • Upgraded Aesthetics: graphical improvements throughout the app.

TIMU Write

TIMU Write is a new way to create and edit documents in TIMU. You can create a TIMU Write document from the '+ Create New' menu of the Files module.

Messaging Features

Now you can reply to individual comments and files in a thread, as well as forward them to your teammates. Look for these options in the '...' menu on each message in the conversation.

Required Fields

New in Task modules this month is the ability to flag a field as 'required' - users cannot create a task without filling in all required fields. This setting can be changed from the 'Fields' tab of the module settings page.

Linking to TIMU Content

We've given you the ability to generate links for sharing TIMU content! Look for the linking options in the item's dropdown menu.

Bug Fixes

We've dealt with a few ugly bugs this month - literally! Some uninvited UI glitches popped up this month and our developers sprang into action to banish them from TIMU.

Here's a few of the highlights:

  • Tasks stuck with an empty status field are fixed and can now be edited normally.
  • Chat/comment feed scrolling is returned to normal.
  • Modal display has been fixed - no more overlapping text!

If you are encountering any bugs, report them to support@timu.com!

Closing Thoughts

This month we've added a lot of new menu options for specific functions, squashed some graphical bugs, and introduced the cool new TIMU Write tool (try it out!). We're trying to make sure the set of tools and features in TIMU is ever expanding, and always looking for ways to make things better. Do you think one of the new features needs some adjustment, or do you have a great idea for a feature you want to see? Let us know in the comments section!