/ Monthly Updates

What's new in March!

The TIMU dev team has been hard at work this past month squashing bugs and adding features! Keep reading to learn about some of the great stuff we've rolled out this month.

Linked Folders and Linked Views

When you want to aggregate items from several places into a single location, or share a single part of your project in lots of different places, linked folders and views are the tools to reach for. Linked views and folders are powerful tools for collaboration and project management.

A linked view is like a window into another tasks module elsewhere in TIMU. When you set up a linked view, you will choose a view that already exists, and TIMU will add that view to the module you are working in, complete with all of its settings, custom fields, and task information. When you make any changes to the tasks in a linked view, those changes are also applied to the original view. Linked views are great for sharing task information with teams on other projects, or for collecting task information from several projects into a consolidated dashboard.

Linked folders work in a very similar manner to linked views, but applied to file modules instead of tasks. Like linked views, you can use a linked folder to easily share a specific part of your project with several teams in other projects, but be aware of one important difference! Users cannot upload files to linked folders, so you can use them to distribute your files, but not as a a way to funnel file submissions from several places into your project.

Improved Search Features

Got a complicated board view, a sprawling task grid, or a densely packed file repository? We've added a cool new in-module search bar that you can use to quickly sift through information in TIMU.

Besides just quickly searching for an item by name, you can also filter your search results on the fly by adding qualifiers in the format "field name":"desired value". You can chain these together to find items meeting specific sets of criteria:

In-module search with filters

Improved Mailbox Rules

If navigating your mailbox feels like trudging through an overgrown jungle of notifications, the new mailbox rules are the machete you've been waiting for.

New mailbox rules

You can now set limits on how many notifications are generated, as well as how often they are sent out. Notifications can be clustered by project or combined into a single message, and limiting message delivery to once per hour or even once per day can help you reduce your inbox torrent to a manageable trickle.