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What's New in June!

June is already upon us. As the weather is heating up, so is TIMU! This month we've made a lot of strides at improving ease of use. We've further integrated TIMU Write to create a more consistent experience on web and mobile, and made it easier to work with tasks, files and wikis. Read on to see what's new in June!

TIMU Write

Starting this month, you'll be able to use TIMU Write in more places than ever before! We've made it the new default editor for composing longer messages in chats and for starting new discussions, replacing the old text formatting tools. You can also now use TIMU Write to create a new document in a 'file' type custom field. The TIMU Messenger mobile app has gained the ability to display TIMU Write docs, so you'll be able to keep up even while on the go!

Files Modules

We've added an option to files modules that allows you to display content as a wiki. You can find the option on the module settings page. The new wiki mode uses TIMU Write to create and link pages, and also allows co-authoring, so you can collaborate on documents in real-time.

The process of uploading files has also been streamlined; this month we've given you the ability to drag and drop files directly into a folder in your files module.

Chats and Discussions

If you often create group chats for the same list of users, the new chat grouping feature will save you some time. Now, you can add a name to your chat groups and use the group name to quickly access the conversation in the future.

The old 'compose mode' text formatting tools have been replaced with a pop-out TIMU Write editor, giving you better options for longer-form posts.

We've also updated the TIMU Messenger mobile app to be able to display the new message format.

Task Modules

We've added the much-requested 'not' option to filters! You can use this setting to hide items matching the filter criteria. For example, you can display all tasks that don't have a status of 'Closed'. Toggle this option on or off from the edit view menu.

Kanban views have been upgraded to allow easier task creation. Now you can add tasks to boards that aren't organized by status, and the task module's default status value will automatically be applied.

June Bug Fixes

The dev team made an extra push this month on bug fixes and tackled a variety of issues. Some of the highlights include:

  • Modules hidden from the sidebar can be unhidden again
  • Fixed a bug that interfered with push notifications and notifications emails
  • TIMU Write 'insert image' has been fixed

Closing Thoughts

We're always trying to keep moving forward to make TIMU a better tool for our users. This month's expansion and integration of TIMU Write seemed like a pretty great way to upgrade your toolkit and also make the user experience more consistent. How do you feel about the changes? Do you love TIMU Write and want to see it adapted for more uses, or did you like the old set of tools better?

Let us know in the comments section!