/ Monthly Updates

What's new in July!

Greetings TIMU-ers, it's that time again- let's take a look at the things our busy developers have been up to! This month we've expanded notifications functionality, added support for Azure AD and smart security rules, and unveiled the shiny new Calendar module for your enjoyment! Read on to see some of great new things in TIMU for the month of July!

Azure Active Directory

Starting this month, TIMU can sync with Azure Active Directory. Now you can create more sophisticated security rules for groups of users such as all users at a certain geographic location, or all employees who report directly to a specific user. To create rules like this, start typing the location or manager's name, and TIMU will automatically suggest the appropriate rules in a dropdown.


New Notifications Options

We've expanded options for Task module notifications on the Project Settings page to help you reduce inbox clutter. When applied to a Task module, the setting 'notify people involved (comments only)' will only send notifications when someone posts a new comment on a task, and the notification will only be sent to users who are already involved with the task.


Calendar Module

One of the biggest new things in TIMU this month is the addition of the brand new Calendar module! The Calendar integrates with Hangouts and Task Modules, letting you create events, schedule team meetings, and set reminders. The calendar is still under active development, but it's available for you to try out now. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at the calendar module in a future post!