/ Monthly Updates

What's new in April!

Greetings, TIMU-ers! This month has flown by for our busy dev team, who have been hard at work squashing bugs, polishing up the interface, and still finding time to bring you new features! Read on to learn more about what we've been up to.

Files Module Improvements

Several improvements have been made to the files module this month:

  • We've added the much-requested check-in/check-out functionality for teams who need to edit files offline.
  • Draft handling for documents edited in Office online has been improved.
  • Previews are now displayed for Sketch files.

Discussions and Chat

The discussions and chat modules have been updated with an improved UI as well as some useful new features:

  • User profiles can be opened by clicking the user's avatar in chat
  • Replies that you start typing are now autosaved, so you can navigate away and come back later to finish your message.
  • Previews are generated for URLs that are pasted into the conversation.

Mobile App Improvements

Our mobile app has seen some improvements made this month also. Download the latest version to enjoy visual updates to the interface, and try out the new mobile search function!

Various Bug Fixes

The dev team has put a lot of effort into fixing bugs this month!

Here are some of the issues that have been addressed and will no longer cause you headaches:

  • Blank multi-level sprint views
  • Files not uploading/folders not getting created during file uploads
  • Receiving notifications from projects in which you don't have permissions

Closing Thoughts

This month there's been a very diverse set of updates to TIMU. We've fixed some annoying bugs, polished up the web and mobile interfaces, and given you some new tools to work with. Do you have a favorite new feature, or have an idea for something we haven't added yet? Let us know in the comments section!