Behind the Wheel with TIMU's New UI

This week, we're launching a major update to the UI in TIMU. Here's a quick tour of the new layout and features!

Revamped sliding Sidebar

The static sidebar has been replaced with a more dynamic version that lets you 'slide' back and forth between levels of the project hierarchy. Use the left and right arrows at the top of the pane to show the sidebar for your current project, or any of its parents, all the way back up to your home modules at the network level.


Get Around with the new Nav Bar

We've also replaced the old set of static nav icons with a new dynamic nav bar. As you drill down into TIMU projects and modules, the nav bar will populate with a trail of breadcrumbs showing your location in the current project. You can click on any of the breadcrumb links to jump directly to that place in TIMU, or hover over the '>' to open a dropdown list of items at the same level of the hierarchy. You can also access all of your home area modules by hovering over the 'home' icon.


The new nav bar also includes all of your views. You'll select an initial view when you first open a module, and can switch to any views using the last '>' dropdown in your trail of breadcrumbs.


Filter Views and create Reminders with the Filter Bar

We pulled all of the old 'Edit View' menu's tools to the surface to create the cool new filter bar. Now, instead of drilling down into the detail pane to change the parameters of the view, you can use the filter bar to make the changes to the view on the fly!


Click the '...' on the right side of the filter bar to open a menu that lets you rename or delete a view, or create a reminder for the current view. Reminders for views will show up in the 'Alerts' area of your sidebar and include a short summary of the tasks in the view.

Post Updates with the Compose Button

In the upper-left corner, we've added a new 'Compose' button. Click the button and you'll be presented with a short list of favorite chats and projects. Click a chat to open the conversation, or click 'Add' to start a new conversation.


You can also add tasks, files, or discussion topics directly to projects, without needing to navigate through any parent modules or projects. Under the 'Create in a Project' heading, your favorite projects will be displayed, along with a search function that lets you add to any project in which you have the required permissions. Click on your project and a list of modules will appear, then click on any module and a dialog will open, allowing you to add content.

Find Things with the Search tool

We've folded the search tool into the sidebar, alongside the compose button. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search pane. The search pane displays results as a compact list of preview cards. For our TIMU power users, we've retained the inline filtering commands.


Jump in with Project Landing Pages

Finally, we've also added a landing page to every project. The landing page includes the project description and a set of quick links to jump into the project modules, along with a list of the project's owners. If you need to contact one of the project owners because of a problem with the project (or if you need to request permissions), any of the entries in the list can be clicked to open a chat with the corresponding user.


New Search Function

We've folded the search tool into the sidebar, alongside the compose button. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search pane. The search pane functions exactly like the previous TIMU search tools, and displays results as a compact list of preview cards.


Closing Thoughts

That's a bit of information to take in all at once, but the new interface is fairly intuitive to use once you jump in. The new project splash screens make it easier to resolve permissions issues, and the improved nav bar with dropdowns should let you get around TIMU quickly and easily.

Are you ecstatic over the improvements? Do you have a great idea for a feature we missed? Did one of your favorite UI elements get removed? We want to hear about it- let us know in the comments section!