Professionals can now manage tasks, files, calendars, messaging, and video conferencing in one tool.

Remote work is on the rise. Not only is it an efficient use of company resources, but it also serves as a powerful recruiting tool and a great way to increase employee happiness.

Shifting your team’s status to “work from home” isn’t as simple as it seems, even with today’s technology. The year 2020 offers thousands of cloud applications, enabling work to be done from anywhere with an internet connection.

Innovative tools solve many of the most pressing problems that professionals face, but the productivity benefits they offer can also reach a tipping point. This problem is called subscription saturation, otherwise known as “subscripturation”, coined by the guys at Snacks Daily.

Too many tool subscriptions that promise to improve your efficiency, grow your business, and make your life easier often do the opposite when combined. If you find yourself frustrated with the current crop of complicated and inadequate tools that make it hard to get the job done, you are not alone.

You’re a busy person, the last thing you need to worry about is which app your most recent deck is in, where you were chatting with your coworker about the new marketing plan, or how to log in to your Zoom account. It isn’t the tool you’re concerned about, you just want to get the job done.

When our work was all over the place our team hit a tipping point, and we decided to do something about it. That’s why we built Timu. Timu is an integrated platform that brings together everything you need to maximize your results and team productivity under one umbrella.

Easily communicate with your team with chats, messages, video conferencing, with integrated files and calendars. Seamlessly manage your tasks and projects and bring in teams from within and outside your organization together. All of it is available in one integrated tool.

Our new video conferencing feature allows your team to host the same meetings you’re used to (or being forced to get used to) in the same tool the rest of your work lives in. But it doesn’t stop there.

We faced the all too familiar problem that many professionals experience with other video conferencing applications. Without the ability to simultaneously take notes, set agenda items, and chat, a video conversation is just that…a conversation. This results in missed deadlines, lost ideas, and ultimately, wasted time.

TIMU’s video conferencing offers your team a new level of productivity with agenda items and chat on the same screen during your call. Integrate tasks, files and agenda items into your meeting’s view, and share notes or ideas without interrupting the conversation. You’ll experience more focused and productive meetings after just one video conference.

Start a team in minutes and host your first meeting in minutes. You won’t pay us a penny if you have fewer than five team members. TIMU has transformed how we work, and it can do the same for you!

Sign up now, and get it done in TIMU.