Daily Task Digests

Keeping current with all the tasks in your workspaces can be a daunting task unto itself. Sending a notification for each task update helps, but eventually the trickle of messages swells into a roaring torrent of distracting noise that makes it harder to stay on top of everything instead of easier.

One of the most common feature requests we receive is for a way to decrease the amount of notifications generated by TIMU. At the same time, our users want to stay connected to the projects that are most important to them, and be able to respond when a colleague is trying to get their attention.

To help cut down the number of notifications, we've come up with the new task digests feature, which groups task notifications together.

Comments on your tasks will still generate notifications in real-time, but instead of generating a new notification every time someone updates a field on one of your tasks, all of the activity is rolled up into a daily digest for each workspace.

The task digest shows all the activity from each workspace as a single inbox item.

When you open one of the digests, you'll see a list of tasks. Click on any task to see a history of what changes have been made. At the bottom of each list is a link to open the task.

You can also filter each task list. The digest includes a list of users who made changes and fields that were updated. Click a user to show only tasks updated by that user, and click a field name to see only tasks where that field was changed.

The task digests are a small change that should have a big impact on your inbox. Let us know what you think off them in the comments section!