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What's New In September!

The air is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn. The seasons are changing and so is TIMU! This month TIMU has gotten some cool new updates. Read on to see what's new for September!

Mobile App Updates

This has been an exciting month for TIMU on mobile. We've made a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements for better stability and responsiveness, and launched our new TIMU Workspaces app, which gives you a more task-oriented interface than the TIMU messenger app.

The TIMU Messenger app now includes support for the new Calendar module so you can view and edit event details on the go, including the ability to join TIMU event Hangouts via mobile. Try using it for meetings with your remote team members!

Updated UI

The dev team has poured their blood, sweat, and tears into a major update for TIMU in the form of a new and improved user interface. We've retained the familiar sidebar while adding new functionality, added new project landing pages, and made enhancements to the navigation. If you want a quick overview of the changes, check out our blog article about it here.


Bug Fixes

While most of the past month's development efforts have gone into bringing new function and features to TIMU, we still took the time to take care of a few small bugs:


  • Course modules look better than ever- a couple bugs were causing some text blocks and course elements to render improperly, or not at all. The fixes have been delpoyed and courses are fully functional again.
  • Copy+Paste has been restored- some users were reporting problems when pasting text into a chat or discussion, and our devs rolled out a fix in short order.

Closing Thoughts

This month the list of changes is short, but we're proud of each one of this month's improvements to TIMU. Go take the new UI for a spin, try out the expanded features of the mobile app, and let us know what you think of the updates in the comments section!