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New Features for the New Year!

Happy New Year! The TIMU dev team has worked tirelessly through the holiday season to help you hit the ground running in 2018. This month, enjoy a new and improved Task Dashboard, a shiny new feature-rich task grid view, and some UI enhancements to improve your TIMU experience on smaller screens.

Updates to Grid Views

Your trusty task grid view has received a number of enhancements. Check out all the cool new things it can do!

Detail View

The new grid can use either the familiar detail pane or the new pop-over detail view (more on that later). To open an item in the new grid, double-click on it or click the small arrow icon next to the selected item's name.


The new grouping feature organizes data into collapsable blocks. When you select a field for the 'Group By' option, TIMU will re-arrange the rows of the grid view to keep items together if they have the same value in that field. For example, if you choose to group by the 'assigned to' field, TIMU will divide up the contents of the module into blocks where each block is assigned to a single user. Each block of grouped items can be collapsed and expanded. Each group has its own line numbers, so you can quickly see how many items are in each group.


Column Sums

Sums! You have the option to display the sum of numerical columns in your grid view. You can enable summation on a per-field basis from the field settings menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard jockeys, rejoice! We've added some intuitive keyboard navigation to grid views to help you get around. Use the arrow keys, Tab, and Enter just like you would in your favorite spreadsheet program.

New Task Dashboard

Task Dashboard modules have been updated with a streamlined interface. The new layout gives you quick access to two categories of tasks, 'Requested' and 'Assigned'. When you create a new task in the workspace, it will automatically be added to the 'Requested' list. Likewise, tasks assigned to you will show up on the 'Assigned' list. The Task Dashboard also displays tasks from sub-workspaces of the current one, grouped together by workspace and parent module.

Windows and Panes

If you're tired of resizing detail panes to read messages and view task details, you now have the option to open TIMU content as a pop-over modal, which can be maximized to fill the browser window. To toggle between display modes, look for the thumbtack icon in the upper-right corner of the window or pane.

Inline Tasks!

For those times when something needs to get done, but it's not part of any of your current projects, we've created inline tasks. You can create inline tasks from a chat or discussion and assign them to yourself or another user; look for the small checkmark icon next to the 'attach file' paperclip in the compose area. Tasks created this way will show up on the assigned user's home task dashboard.

Closing Thoughts

This time around, we've focused on task management features. The widely-used task grid view received a number of upgrades, and the new streamlined task dashboard should make it easier to keep track of who is working on what in your workspace.

How do you plan to use the new grouping function in your task views? As always, we want to hear what you think of the changes! Is there a different feature you think we're missing? Let us know in the comments section!