Improved View Editing Controls

Greetings! The TIMU dev team has put together another round of feature improvements for you, this time focused on view editing. We've remixed the interface to make it simpler, smarter, and better all around. Let's jump right in and take a look at the changes!

Out of the Way

The toolbar you're used to seeing at the top of your view has been cleaned up and moved to a sidebar that only opens when you need it. We've retained the familiar view editing functions, but arranged them all into a better menu that should make it easier to configure your views.

To edit any of the settings for your views, click the Customize button and the new 'Customize View' menu will open in your sidebar.

The first group of icons in the menu lets you choose a display mode. The options here are the same familiar view types: List, Grid, Kanban, and Calendar.

Use the second set of buttons to customize every facet of your view–filters, colors, sorting, fields, and so on. When you're done making changes, don't forget to save the view! Look for the 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons at the top of the page:

Simpler Levels

The old level select interface has been replaced with a smarter, simpler way of managing hierarchy.

Click the levels button to choose how many levels there should be in the view. When you add new levels to the hierarchy, TIMU now automatically chooses the right type of level for your view.

Better Filters

Filters now have an option for specifying a custom date range, and the labels have been updated for clarity.

The filter and field menus also now have a search box to make it easier to find the field you are looking for.

Other adjustments

Grid view columns can be re-ordered more easily now–just drag and drop them into the desired order!

Colors, fields, and sorting now let you specify separate settings for each level. If you wanted to, you could sort your tasks alphabetically and color them by status, then sort subtasks by due date and color them by priority level! The color menu also now shows a preview of what colors will be used for each value.

Closing Thoughts

The new menus for editing views are much clearer and a little faster than before. Most of the changes here are refinements of the existing interfaces, but sprinkled in with the improvements are a few brand new features, like the ability to set a filter for a specific range of dates, and the ability to drag and drop columns into a new order.

Once you've given the new menu structure a test drive, we'd love to hear what you think! Love it or hate it, questions or feedback, put it in the comments section!