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New for March: Get the Word Out With Broadcasts!

Greetings and thanks for tuning in! We've rolled out a new version of the app for your enjoyment and this time around the focus is on messaging.

Chats and Discussions have been re-combined and re-organized to improve public and private messaging functions in the form of Broadcasts and Group Messages. In addition to the new message types, you'll find a handful of other messaging enhancements sprinkled throughout your TIMU experience.

Simplified notifications management

The old, confusing system of per-module notifications settings is no longer on the air. It's been replaced with a simplified set of baked-in notifications rules. Now it should be much easier to make sure everyone who needs to know what's going on, does. Look for the new 'Followers' indicator any time you reply to a post to tell you exactly who will get a notification.

Broadcasts announce it to everyone

Broadcasts have taken the place of public discussion threads. Use Broadcasts when you want to get a message out to everyone.

When you send a broadcast, a notification is sent to everyone who has permissions in the module, but any further comments on the original post will only send notifications to users who are listed as followers of the thread.

Only the original poster is added as a follower to the initial broadcast message, but anyone can become a follower and join the conversation by posting a comment.


Group Messages are better private multi-user threads

The new group messaging feature works like a combination of the best parts of private chats and private discussions. Use a Group Message when you need to discuss sensitive information, or when only a few people should be in the conversation.

Like a private discussion, you can set a topic for each conversation, add more users to a conversation in progress, and create more than one conversation with the same set of users. .


Group Messages can be used like a group chat when you need to have a private group thread outside the context of a specific workspace, and you also have the option to specify a particular workspace. When you do so, the message will also show up in the workspace's Mailbox module.

Mailbox module

If you previously had a discussion dashboard in your workspace, it's been transformed into a Mailbox module. When you have a Mailbox in your workspace, it gives you a place to view any Group Message threads that you are a part of in the workspace.

New Compose menu

The Compose menu has been re-worked to further streamline TIMU content creation. The upper portion of the menu gives you a set of buttons for fast creation of Chats, Tasks, and more–even Workspaces!

Below the content creation buttons is a quick list of recent chats and Group Messages. Click any one of them to re-open it an pick up the conversation where you left off.

Mobile App Enhancements

All of the new message types and the new compose menu have been integrated into the TIMU mobile apps too. Older versions of the app don't support the new message types or new compose menu- make sure to update to the latest version!

Other Improvements

Editor Enhancements

The editor has been tweaked and updated slightly. One of the top feature requests for messaging was the ability to use @mentions while composing the initial post in a thread; you asked for it and we added it!

Email Notifications

Notification emails sent by TIMU now retain the formatting of the original message. Put that shiny new editor to use!

Drafts Folder

There's a new 'drafts' folder in your mailbox that collects any message you start composing in an editor. If you get interrupted while composing a message, you can go back to your mailbox and pick up where you left off.

Closing Thoughts

It might take a little adjusting to get used to the new system of Broadcasts and Group Messages, but we think the changes will ultimately make TIMU a better place.

How do you feel about this round of updates? We're always interested in hearing feedback from our users. Love it or hate it, drop us a line! You can use the 'Contact Support' button on our KB site, support.timu.com, or send an email directly to support@timu.com.